Weddings & Events

In a land this dreamy, you’ve got to make dreams come true. Nothing gives us as much pleasure as planning every tiny detail of a mind-blowingly spectacular event. Be it planning pheras in a vineyard matched with delectable food from across the globe, to letting you exchange vows by a lighthouse to having a happy couple fly off into the sunset, quite literally, in a helicopter that takes off outside the church, we've got every dream wedding sequence covered. All against the spectacular backdrop of one of the most wildly beautiful regions on earth.

From planning 50th wedding anniversaries to simple and elegant baby showers, we believe that in a land this dreamy, we have to make dreams come true. Whatever be your cause for celebration, we’re here to help you have a special time in this special place. So choose anything from epic wine tastings with a loved one in a hot air balloon to gorgeous sundowners on pristine beaches, we'll make it happen.