Costa Brava is home to pretty much any and every experience imaginable. What you’ll get is completely up to your preferences, your moods and your desires. Here are some of the experiences we provide that will ensure you luxuriate in bespoke bliss - 

A Castle for a Couple

Is there anything more luxurious than having an entire castle to yourself and the one you love? Enjoy the opulence and grandeur of your surroundings and soak in the romance of medieval luxury.

Start Your Holiday, Chop Chop

The second you land in Barcelona, you don’t want to waste a minute in any place that isn’t Costa Brava. So simply hop on a chopper and get your bliss on!

Entwined Within Vines With A Splash Of Waves Or A Dash Of Cloud

Enjoy the gorgeously wild terroir of wine country by immersing yourself in one of the region’s loveliest vineyards. Float over mountains and valleys and plains or in the magnificence of the sea while sipping on the choices of wines, chosen for you by one of the region’s pre-eminent sommeliers.

A Michelin Star For Your Kitchen

In a land known for its exquisite cuisine, you can now have the ultimate luxury of a world class chef cooking personally for you and your family at your villa. Take your pick of cuisine or chef and your kitchen will soon be ready to get its own Michelin star.

Golfing Days

Costa Brava is home to some of Europe’s finest courses, each of which has its own unique personality. Every course is perfectly ensconced within the surrounding habitat, and provides different golfing challenges. Choose from links courses, tree-lined courses and professional tour courses, all of which are exceptionally designed and benefit from being in a land with perfect weather right through the year. Needless to say these are the best you will find in Spain.

Slopes Are For Skis

No matter which beach you’re at, you’re always just a 90 minute drive away from the Girona Pyrenees where 5 brilliant ski resorts await you. Choose between Alpine and Nordic ski resorts, then suit up and tear those slopes apart

A Symphony Of Gastronomy

The region boasts of the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants per capita in the world, so your taste buds will be as stimulated as the rest of yoursenses. Give us a moment’s notice and we’ll get you a reservation or perhaps just have the chef of your choice come over and cook for you personally at your villa!

Prancing Horses and Raging Bulls

Rent supercars that will arrive at your doorstep ready to hurtle you along the winding roads of Costa Brava. Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s make for lovely companions on road trips that take you around the varied landscapes of Costa Brava.

Fly Like A Bird, Float Like A Cloud

It’s one thing to go skydiving, it’s quite another to skydive in Costa Brava looking down at stunning views of moutain tops and pristine beaches. Quite simply the world’s most popular skydiving destination, this is where skydivers come to enjoy themselves, so you know you’re in for something spectacular.

The Surreal Salvador

Costa Brava was home to Salvatore Dali, one of the 20th century’s most influential artists and personalities. Explore his home, his castle and his personal museum and learn what made this eccentric genius tick. Apart from the beauty of Costa Brava, that is.

A Vintage Road Trip

Hire a chauffeur-driven vintage car and drive down scenic roads. Head to a restaurant or a winery or anything else your heart desires. Just be sure to enjoy listening to the beating heart of your gorgeous vehicle while drinking in the majesty of your surroundings.

Clear Blue Dives

As you would expect from a coastline of this spectacular region, Costa Brava is home to several brilliant spots to dive. With lovely water temperatures, great visibility, hundreds of easily accessible uninhabited spots and no less than three natural reserves that are open for diving, Costa Brava is perfect for divers of all skill levels.

A Vineyard, Exclusively for your family

25 acres of enchanting vines coupled with olive trees and spectacular views. Now, mix that with a chef teaching you the finer nuances of Spanish cuisine in the heart of this special place. Family time, just got an upgrade.