It all began, as these things often do in Costa Brava, with a vineyard. What started as a plan to establish a great wine-making company unraveled in the face of Costa Brava’s vast and glorious beauty. We were in love, and like all great love, we couldn’t get enough. After completely immersing ourselves in the beauty of the land, it struck us that to keep this to ourselves would be selfish. And that’s how our journey began.

Costa Brava isn’t about one great thing – it isn’t a beach place or a mountainous place or a gastronomically cultured place – it’s all of the above, and a lot more. From the brutally breathtaking coastline to the ruggedly gorgeous countryside, from perfect golf courses to opulent villas, from vintage car road trip to Michelin starred restaurants, this land is as blessed by humankind as it is by the gods.

Our signature - and our logo, is our highly personalized approach to providing an immersive local experience. It’s about the little nooks and crannies you wouldn’t find online, the hidden gems far away from the beaten track, the personal touches only someone born and bred here could give you. Most importantly, while we we are here to show you a good time, we are also here to help you fall in love with this wondrous land and like all great love, you must choose your own path.
We will only show you the way.