VR Costa Brava

We’ve fallen in love with the mesmerizing beauty of this land and we’d love for you to experience it for yourself. From its mountains to its beaches, from its vineyards to its coves, from its starry skies to its Michelin-stars, Costa Brava has everything you could possibly want from a destination. What’s more, it’s our life’s goal to ensure you have the time of your life here. From putting you up at the most gorgeous coastal villas and the most epic masias, to letting you rent a castle for a couple or sending you on a hot air balloon for a wine tasting, there is no stop we won’t pull to ensure you have an experience as spectacular as Costa Brava itself. 


Costa Brava is home to pretty much any and every experience imaginable. What you’ll get is completely up to your preferences, your moods and your desires. Here are some of the experiences we provide that will ensure you luxuriate in bespoke bliss


Whether you choose rolling waves at your window or snow-capped mountains in the distance, you’ll be sure to have a gorgeously appointed, one-of-a-kind haven for you to rest while Costa Brava seeps into your soul. And no matter where you choose to live, it’s takes a mere 60 minutes to go from the beach to the ski-resort. So rest easy, the world is at your service.

Weddings & Events

When it comes to a grand and personalized event that relies on attention to detail with a liberal sprinkling of the spectacular, we’re the tried and true experts of the region.